Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be a Part of a Christmas Miracle!

Some dogs find it hard to make it out of the shelter whether because of their breed, their size, their color, their health, or their age. Hummer (left) and Champagne (right) are two of those dogs. They are a pair of bigger dogs, likely a lab mix and maybe an Akita/American Bulldog mix??? One thing we know they are is unique.

They're both older and Hummer has a bit of arthritis that makes him a little stiff.

His sister Champagne had a skin problem when she came and, it turns out, has hypothyroid (easily treatable with daily meds.)

Still, it would be hard to find two dogs with greater zeal for life!

They play like puppies (if in short bursts).

And they are tightly bonded. When they were separated for Champagne's treatment, Hummer was very sad and anxious.

And when reunited he could not be happier!

They do not have to go together but they would be perfect pals for someone who wants a couple of older dogs who are sweet as can be, are hilarious pals, and love romping outside and lounging on the couch. They love playing and they soak up all the attention and back scratches they can get.

They aren't great on the leash right now, especially Champagne, but you can teach an old dog new tricks. They are both food motivated which should help with training and when they are getting more regular exercise, and perhaps harnesses for walking, they will probably be much easier to handle together.

These two are diamonds in the rough waiting to be great family dogs to someone who knows that great things sometimes come in funny looking packages. Please give them a chance to charm you and visit them in the shelter.

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