Friday, December 10, 2010

Goof Off with Gumball!

Meet Goofball! We mean, Gumball!

He's one of the longest-term residents of the SPCA, there for over a year! We don't know why because he is handsome as can be a tons of fun.

He's a medium-sized American Pit Bull Terrier boy, probably between 2 and 4 years old.
He is very attentive and has learned to sit on command and come when called (so long as he's not distracted.) He would definitely benefit from some obedience classes but he is a quick learner and food motivated which will make him easier to train.
He's very high energy coming out of the run, which is typical of shelter dogs, and he has a bad habit of tugging on his leash, a problem that will probably resolve quickly when he is out of the shelter and getting regular exercise and attention.

He has played regularly with other dogs and really enjoys romping, though if you have a dog they will have to meet as some dogs just don't click. Gumball really deserves a good home to let him become the great dog he can be! You will never be bored and, as you can see, he's a real ham in front of the camera so you'll never have a shortage of Kodak moments!

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