Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be a Part of a Christmas Miracle!

Some dogs find it hard to make it out of the shelter whether because of their breed, their size, their color, their health, or their age. Hummer (left) and Champagne (right) are two of those dogs. They are a pair of bigger dogs, likely a lab mix and maybe an Akita/American Bulldog mix??? One thing we know they are is unique.

They're both older and Hummer has a bit of arthritis that makes him a little stiff.

His sister Champagne had a skin problem when she came and, it turns out, has hypothyroid (easily treatable with daily meds.)

Still, it would be hard to find two dogs with greater zeal for life!

They play like puppies (if in short bursts).

And they are tightly bonded. When they were separated for Champagne's treatment, Hummer was very sad and anxious.

And when reunited he could not be happier!

They do not have to go together but they would be perfect pals for someone who wants a couple of older dogs who are sweet as can be, are hilarious pals, and love romping outside and lounging on the couch. They love playing and they soak up all the attention and back scratches they can get.

They aren't great on the leash right now, especially Champagne, but you can teach an old dog new tricks. They are both food motivated which should help with training and when they are getting more regular exercise, and perhaps harnesses for walking, they will probably be much easier to handle together.

These two are diamonds in the rough waiting to be great family dogs to someone who knows that great things sometimes come in funny looking packages. Please give them a chance to charm you and visit them in the shelter.

Need some Diva-tude?

This gorgeous red girl is Diva, an American Pit Bull Terrier mix.

She's young, maybe 1 year old and quite affectionate with people. She likes walks and attention and dogs some zooming in play but she also listens quite well and will sit when asked.

See her preparing to sing? She's a little tense around other dogs and will need further socialization. She'd probably be best as an only dog but we haven't worked much with her yet.

She's a striking girl with those awesome ears and soft eyes. Do you need a girl with some 'tude in your house?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mojo Rising!

Meet Mojo! He's a large American Pit Bull Terrier, mixed with something that makes him a big boy.

He's friendly and excitable. As you can see, he's wagging his tail so fast you can't even see it!

He likes to play and is fond of stuffy toys, snacks, and playing.
Mojo already knows how to sit and will likely learn other commands quickly. He needs some work on leash walking as he pulls quite a bit and is strong. However, with some obedience lessons and loving attention he will be a nice boy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Make His Day! It's Dirty Harry!

OK, his name is a little silly but that fits silly Harry to a T! He's a friendly, high-energy American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He acts like a puppy but is likely over a year old. He enjoys walks and playing.

He's very affection with people and here is enjoying some snacks. He will be a fun dog to train and get to know.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yabba Dabba Do Adopt Barney Rubble!

Barney here is a handsome and friendly fellow. His grin is a good indication of his easy-going personality.

He's a youngish mix--perhaps a shepherd/terrier of some sort? He likes toys, especially stuffies, and is quite friendly.

We estimate he's about a year old and is on the small to medium size and ready for a home that will invest a little time in training and make him the great family dog he's just waiting to be!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Your Sign? It's Libra!

Meet Libra! He's a large Rottweiler mix who, yes, always looks this goofy!

He's very high-energy and his tongue is hanging out here because he's been zooming around the pen at top speed! He needs a little training but is an attentive boy who has already learned his name and to sit. He is food motivated which will make training easier.

He loves playing with toys and is quite affectionate. He'd be an ideal friend for someone who is active and is looking for a dog as a walking, hiking, or jogging companion. He also likes to zoom around so a fenced yard would be ideal

*wink* See what a charmer he is? Don't miss out on this awesome guy!

Mr. Piggles I Presume?

Yup, it's Mr. Piggles the Pug! He's an approximately 5 year old little dude.

He's affectionate, friendly, and incredibly photogenic.

Unfortunately he is bow-legged, especially in his hind legs, and will likely need to be monitored by a vet and take meds for the rest of his life.

He will be a little investment but he will be worth it! He's very sweet, loves people, and just wants to hang out and get scratched behind his ears. He doesn't have a strong reaction to cats or other dogs.

He's a real steal so stop by the SPCA now to check him out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bundles of Joy?

Meet Bundles! He's a 10 month old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. He looks like he might have some hound in him. What we know he has in him is a fantastic dog. He was an owner turn in and he previously lived with cats and kids.

He's a little shy at first but he's a friendly guy who warms up fairly quickly. He walks pretty well on the leash and likes play.

He's make a great family dog, he's a nice medium size, good temperament and good looking too!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking for a Baby Girl?

Meet Baby Girl! She's only been at the SPCA for a few weeks and is already a favorite.

She has a lot of enthusiasm for life and divides her time between toys and attention.

While full of joy, she's very attentive and fairly good on the leash. She listens well and is learning to walk on the leash.

We are still learning about her but she doesn't seem to be too interested in cats and is relatively calm around other dogs.

She deserves a great home that will love her as much as she loves life.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Care for a Cookieface?

This guy is pretty new at the SPCA and he doesn't yet have a name. He's an American Pitbull Terrier mix, fully-grown and on the larger size.

He's goofy as can be and loves playing with the cuz toys. He'll zoom around the yard before squeaking happily on his toy.

We don't know how he is with dogs or cats but he is good with people, loving to get attention and snacks. He seems very food motivated which will make training him easier.

He's a handsome fun-loving guy! Is he just your type?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Goof Off with Gumball!

Meet Goofball! We mean, Gumball!

He's one of the longest-term residents of the SPCA, there for over a year! We don't know why because he is handsome as can be a tons of fun.

He's a medium-sized American Pit Bull Terrier boy, probably between 2 and 4 years old.
He is very attentive and has learned to sit on command and come when called (so long as he's not distracted.) He would definitely benefit from some obedience classes but he is a quick learner and food motivated which will make him easier to train.
He's very high energy coming out of the run, which is typical of shelter dogs, and he has a bad habit of tugging on his leash, a problem that will probably resolve quickly when he is out of the shelter and getting regular exercise and attention.

He has played regularly with other dogs and really enjoys romping, though if you have a dog they will have to meet as some dogs just don't click. Gumball really deserves a good home to let him become the great dog he can be! You will never be bored and, as you can see, he's a real ham in front of the camera so you'll never have a shortage of Kodak moments!